Troll Project

So far I’ve got the character basically done and one weapon. Still a ways to go, but wanted to get something posted. Still working on the textures and an environment for him. Blender GLSL viewport grab with hand painted background. No post on the character or axe.


  • m. mikkelsen

    Significantly better tangent spaces were just checked into Blender today actually :) I’d be very happy if you’d test it?
    You can either get latest on the code and build it yourself if you know how. Or you can get a build tomorrow from
    In case a programmer wants to recreate the same tangent spaces outside of blender in an application using maps baked by blender you simply get the two standalone files mikktspace.h and mikktspace.c

  • m. mikkelsen

    Forgot to mention the important point that mirroring is now supported.

  • ROm

    Im trying to contact you about this project but the contact image on your contact page is missing 😉

    Can you make it available so I can ping you, or simply send me an email.


    ps: Great work by the way! 😉